3 Bay Oak Framed Garage Prices In 2023

  • February 22, 2023

As you consider purchasing a 3 bay oak framed garage, this cost and pricing guide will help you develop an initial budget and plan for associated costs.

Final prices will vary by location and constructions costs.

3 bay oak garage – Initial cost

There are three types of 3 bay oak framed garage packages:

  • Self-construct garage kit
  • Assisted construction
  • Full build

Lets take a look at each to learn more

3 Bay Oak Garage Self-Construct

A self – Construct package would include the delivery of the 3 bay oak garage, along with plans. The customer takes it from there.

The obvious advantage of constructing your own 3 bay oak garage is what you’d save from reducing the garage construction cost. On average, most people will save between £5,000 and £10,000 depending on the scope of the project and who does the majority of the work.

The price of the oak frame is determined by two things: the size of the structure and the cost to deliver the garage to your home.

If you are considering a self-installation, ask if the quoted price includes delivery.

If it does not, get a delivery quote in writing.

The garage assembly has 4 main elements :

  • Groundworks—This will cost approx £150-200 sqm, £9000.00
  • Oak Framed garage kit— £10,000-30,000
  • Tiling— £8000-£10,000
  • Delivery – £250-500 depending on location
oak framed garage kits carport kits chantilly
3 bay oak framed ‘ The Cheverney ‘ starts at under £10,000

3 Bay Oak Framed Garage Assisted-Construction

An assisted-Construction differs from a self-construct in that it includes:

  • On site measuring up
  • On-site assisted install of oak frame

These are the most critical (and unfamiliar) phases of the installation.

The customer provides all other labor, materials, and equipment.

This is a great option for those who can excavate their footings and handle the cladding and roofing, but would rather not deal with the headache of setting out the frame and levelling everything up..

Assisted installations typically cost around £2,000 to £5,000.

oak framed garage kits carport kits versailles
‘ The Versailles ‘ starts at £30,00 and includes oak staircase, treads and an external glazed door

Standard garage kit packages

A standard garage kit package typically includes the following:

  • Detailed cad drawing
  • Oak frame
  • oak pegs for fixing
  • softwood treated feather edge cladding
  • softwood studding material
  • softwood rafters

Standard packages can vary greatly from company to company, so ask specifically what it includes.

To save money, many homeowners choose to handle the balance of the project themselves, including the completion of the groundworks, electrical work, and any tiling or paving.

On average, most folks can save several thousands of pounds doing this.

As a general rule most standard 3 bay oak frame garage packages will cost between £30,000 and £50,000

Most people will spend another £5000-£15000 on garage accessories, roofing materials, electrical work, patio, and fencing.

Turn-Key Oak Framed Garage Packages

The overwhelming advantage of a turn-key installation is convenience.

The oak framed garage company handles all of the above, plus these details:

  • Hiring contractors
  • Getting bids
  • Scheduling and overseeing their work

The customer doesn’t need to oversee or manage any aspect of the project.

Many customers find it worth the investment to let someone else handle everything—not to mention the added peace of mind knowing that there is only one company responsible for the project.

On average, turn-key oak frame garage projects cost £40,000–£60,000.

Projects that require extensive retaining walls, insulation, or other elaborate elements can cost much more. Other things you may consider are covered in these articles below

Want to start building a budget and figuring out what your perfect garage project might actually cost, with all the add-ons, accessories, and any related services and functionalities needed to build your oak framed dreams?

Let us give you a cost on your own bespoke 3 bay oak framed garage – simply fill in this form and we’ll do the rest:

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