Let’s address those oak frame pricing questions other manufacturers are avoiding



How much does an oak frame structure or truss cost? We’re glad you asked!



So how much does an oak frame cost?

At Premier Heritage, we prioritise honesty and education. We want to provide transparent answers to all of our clients’ questions so they can feel confident about their oak frame.

But some of these questions aren’t so easy to answer. One of those is “How much does an oak frame cost?”

You see, nothing about oak frames is straight-forward. Every project is so complex, with unique factors determining the price.

However, we’re going to do our best to explain to you how oak frame pricing works, so hopefully you can have an idea of what to expect (and how to save) before you get a policy (or several).

OK, but really, what can I expect to pay?

As we said, oak frame prices can range greatly depending on a number of factors, but we do want to give you a more tangible idea of what you can expect to pay.

We’re providing a wide range of what policies typically cost, but it’s totally possible that your quote could fall outside of these ranges.

From £3000.00
How much does an oak frame porch cost?


Fully pre-drawn in CAD
Accurately costed
Each timber is numbered with corresponding drawing for easy assembly
Fast Turnaround
Supplied with everything you need to finish*
How much does an oak frame gazebo cost?

Gazebo /BBQ Hut

Fully digitised CAD design
See a realistic render of your structure before you purchase
Supplied with a detail installation drawing for easy assembly
Fast Turnaround
How much does a 2 bay oak frame garage cost?

Two Bay Garage

6M x 6M Footprint
Height 3.95M
2.90M Wide bays
Fully pre-drawn in CAD
Full installation instructions
See a realistic render before you order
Fast Turnaround

3 Bay garage

Medium size garage for the descerning home owner

  • Full oak frame
  • Generous 3M wide bay sizing
  • Future proof 6M long bay
  • Ready to assemble
  • Can be supplied with doors/hardware
  • Can be supplied with room above
  • Can be designed for any tile type

From £14000

4 Bay Garage

Our most popular size

  • Full oak frame
  • Generous 3M wide bay sizing
  • 6M long bays
  • Ready to assemble
  • Delivered anywhere in the UK
  • Can be supplied with doors/Hardware
  • Can be supplied with room above
  • Can be designed to take any weight of tile

From £18000


Beautiful oak trusses which can be assembled and erected within an hour or so

  • Machine finished oak ready to install
  • Accurately machined for easy assembly
  • Any size or type
  • Delivered anywhere in the UK
  • Purlin Blocks can be included



Frequently Asked Questions

Find our resource of frequently asked questions below:

Once you have ordered a bespoke structure, it is not possible to cancel the order as  it is being manufacturered to your specification.

Typical turnaround time for an oak frame structure is 10-12 weeks, although we have on occasion been able to reduce this down to as low as 3 weeks.

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