How long will an oak frame garage last?

  • March 3, 2023

Oak is durable, low maintenance and is one of the most environmentally friendly types of garage you can buy, but you might still be asking, “what is the life expectancy of an oak framed garage? How long should an oak framed garage last?”

Great Questions.

At Premier Heritage Oak we supply, install and restore oak framed garages all over the UK, so we get asked these questions all the time. To give you an idea of the expected oak garage lifespan, we decided to write this article explaining how long your garage should last as well as how you can preserve and extend the lifespan of your oak framed garage.

How long do oak garages last?

An oak framed garage can last well over 100 years if it’s a good quality garage. How do you know if your garage is good? Two main things: The oak used is good quality, and the construction has been done properly.

The supplier should use high quality fresh oak and inspect each garage thoroughly before shipping it out. The garage also needs to be cut with precision on a CNC (Computer controlled cutting equipment) to ensure the garage fits together exactly as intended.

How to maintain your oak garage

The lifespan of your oak garage will also depend on how well you take care of it. This is something that is true for every garage, no matter what type you have.

One of the most important parts of this is an annual visual inspection for rot, mould and insect attack, clean off any dirt and grime with a mild soapy water solution. Don’t use any harsh chemicals and get specialist advise if you are concerned.

Inspect the roof for leaks and damage, repair any damage as soon as possible to prevent water damage to the oak structure. Ensure the gutters are clear or leaves and debris.

Should I use a sealer or coating on my oak frame garage?

At Premier Heritage Oak we only use high quality oak so you can be confident that your oak garage will not need any sealant but if you want to give your oak garage extra protection – you can use a water resistant base coat such as Osmo 4001 or Impranol. However, natural drying out of the oak will increase its strength, hardness and beauty so as a general rule – we would advise against any surface treatments and let nature protect your oak garage.

How to stop my oak garage going grey

As your oak framed garage ages, the UV light will cause the oak to weather to a silvery grey colour – this is completely natural and part of the beauty of using oak, If you want to maintain the fresh look of your oak garage – You need to protect it from UV light – this can be done by keeping the oak in the shade or by using an oak UV protection such as Osmo UV Protection.

oak farmed garages and carports cheshire chester north wales

An Oak framed garage is truly your best option if you’re looking for a low maintenance, durable garage with minimal lifetime costs. If you buy a high quality pool and take care of it properly, it will last as long as you need it to.

At Premier Heritage, we design, manufacture, install and service world-class garages across the UK. We can produce any size garage from a single bay garage to 4 bay garages with rooms above.

Check out our pricing guide, planning permission guide or request a quote here:

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